We implement water and sanitation management solutions for municipalities, state agencies and the private sector. Water management also includes planning, developing, distributing and managing water usage.

Koena’s Electrical & Mechanical engineers can provide a full design and installation service to tailor your needs whether it be a flagship new build or a minor works alteration. Our professional team of mechanical engineers and plumbers ensures that projects are implemented efficiently and quick to reduce unplanned downtime.

Water Consumption AssessmentFlow range revenue meter to check billing accuracy
Leak detection & Burst PipesEarly warning system for leaks or bursts to reduce water costs
Water Flow MeasurementHighly calibrated Electromagnetic Flowmeter Records water flow, pressure and logs data
Water Flow ManagementGate Valves
Water Reticulation AssessmentUtility Mapping
Water Heating and CoolingBoilers, Geysers and chiller plants maintenance and installation

Utility Location

Utility location

Utility Mapping


Flow Meters



Solar Geyser

Water Leak

Blocked Drain

Burst Pipes

Water Quality

Water Audit