About Koena Engineering

Engineering & Facilities Management Company

Koena Engineering is a specialist infrastructure services and solutions firm that provides electrical engineering, electricity and energy, water and sanitation, and facilities management.

Founded in 2009, Koena Engineering has built a reputation for superior project outcomes based on a strong tradition of engineering excellence and an innovative approach to project design, implementation and management.

Koena Engineering is black women owned and managed, and employs skilled and talented individuals that are well respected in the infrastrucure space.

Koena designs and deploys practical energy and water management solutions that are proven to optimize utility consumption and reduce costs for large and small customers. With Koena as your partner, you can trust us to provide practical high-value infrastructure services and solutions that fully address your developmental and operational challenges.

Our engineers and regulatory experts work with you by providing comprehensive and flexible services to help you reduce cost and secure compliance. Our solutions are used by many blue chip companies, and our client testimonials reflect our creativity, quality and reliability.

Our reputation as a leading infrastructure services and solutions firm is confirmed by the volume of repeat work that we receive from our customers. We have also signed preferred supplier agreements with significant customers across the public and private sectors.

Koena Engineering looks forward to embarking on this journey with you for mutual benefit.